Bmax | TeleVentas

One Solution for All

Bmax | Tele-Ventas is a Enterprise Software for Business that allows clients to manage a database of potential clients with the objective of creating effective tele-sales campaigns both inbound and outbound.

  •    Includes. Dashboards and programmed Command Charts for Management.

  •   Technology. Microsoft Azure 100%.

  •    Installation. 24-48 hour

  •   Updates: Do not interrupt the Business operations.

Dynamic Importer

It does not require extensive and uncomfortable templates. BMAX reads, interprets and captures data from its database through an Excel template with minimal manipulation. Or, you can generate a campaign from the BMAX-CRM connection.

Global Project Catalog

Ability to work multiple projects, and to be able to create work groups with executives having several campaigns of different projects online from a single platform.

Pipe Administrator

You will be able to manage your database online, without the need to make new campaigns or download data from the System for tedious sub-processes in new campaigns. All about a single campaign. Program your strategies and filter your queue by combining one or several attributes of your database.

Agent Panel

An intuitive tool, with a fresh image, the information has a logical flow that facilitates the executive profiling of clients, assigning a reaction code and scheduling of follow-ups.

Supervisor Panel

The ease of controlling the campaigns, you can see indicators of the management, agent status and online queue status.

Command Charts

Management Indicators, measurement of results by agent, project and campaign.