Bmax | TeleCobros

One Solution for All

Bmax | Tele-Collections offers a Management Suite for collection portfolios that facilitates the definition and implementation of more efficient and effective forms for collection without interrupting Business operation.

  •    Includes. Dashboards and programmed Command Charts for Management.

  •   Technology. Microsoft Azure 100%.

  •   Installation. 24-48 hour

  •   Updates: Do not interrupt Business operations.

Customer History

Approve the different balance charges with our BMAX-CRM system, from which you can optimally obtain all the events history linked to a collection account.

Agent Calculator

Assistant for your collection executive. Delimit according to authorizations and active promotions the maximum levels of negotiation with the client.

Agent Panel

It offers a friendly, simple and intuitive interface. It shows the executive of collection of the portfolio registration data and allows the typing, comments and schedule of follow-ups to an account. All this remaining in our BMAX-CRM for subsequent consultation by departments involved in decision making.

Supervisor Panel

Control panels aimed at analyzing the campaign management; it allows the creation of work teams among executives and accounts transfer from one executive to another for better management. In addition, it allows the supervisor full control of the operation.

Balance Update

It generates a statement of account for each portfolio, the client can report the request for application of a payment and this information will be returned to the client owner of the portfolio, or receive from the Portfolio Client the payments of a period and these will be included in our system of integral form. Given an updated status of the client's actual balance.

Management Strategies

Define online, without suspending operations the mechanics of delivering queue to executives, which allows you to prioritize attention for specific periods without generating individual portfolios. All applied to the initial portfolio, online and efficiently.