Welcome to Bmaxim

We are a 100% Costa Rican company specialized in business models and platforms integration with extensive experience in the market. We offer business software solutions focused on optimizing and facilitating business management. We provide a quick installation and start-up of our business software packages, which translates into substantial savings for your business.

  • Timely information

    Dashboard with reliable information in real time.

  • Access From The Web

    Manage your business from anywhere and any device.

  • Competitive advantage

    The best digital ally for your company.

  • Effective Indicators

    Access all the necessary indicators for your project success.



With our business software solutions you can save on infrastructure, technical personnel, electricity and physical space. In addition, we have an average of 99.9% Uptime throughout our infrastructure.


Bmaxim puts at your disposal infrastructure in a Data Center by Microsoft Azure, world leader in telecommunications and software. We have redundancy in electrical fluid, secure access through Internet and Firewalls..


Optimize your business operations, have quick and timely access to information thanks to our 100% integrated Enterprise Web platform, increase your company's business agility by quickly implementing the necessary support for business processes and many other benefits.

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